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Redlines for: secretsnowdragon9999 **Notes below** by GlassSpiderweb Redlines for: secretsnowdragon9999 **Notes below** by GlassSpiderweb

Redlines for :iconsecretsnowdragon9999:    

 1.       First things first- I originally tried to recreate the pose using the picture as reference, and I kept running into problems. Because of this, I decided to use my red pen and trace the pose, filling in the parts covered by blanket with a basic body construction- using a box for the ribcage, connected with the circle/oval-ish shape of the hips/ torso, and then sausages for the legs.

    2.       Here is a picture of the lines without the picture, pretty weird, huh? This helped me realise that, yes, the perspective of the pose was pretty weird and that’s why I was having so many problems trying to recreate it.

    3.       I put the traced pose over top of your drawing, and here were the areas I found important:

            a.      Though the right size, the head was a little too high up on the pillow, making for a less natural more uncomfortable looking pose. By moving the head down a little, it creates a more relaxed feeling.

            b.      The ribcage/ shoulder positioning was pretty accurate, but I think the tricky part with that area was the arms, because..

            c.       ..the arms/hands, in the reference at least, were a lot bigger than I had thought they were. This is why understanding the perspective was so important, and it helped me realise that, since they were closer to the viewer they were larger.  

            d.      The hips were a lot higher than you drew them, because the body was positioned in more of a straight line than the curved way you had it. I think for a more fetal-position sleeping pose the hips probably would be lower, but because of the tricky perspective I stuck with the reference, where the hips were straighter.

            e.      Lastly, the legs. They were a bit too short on your drawing, but again this could have to do with the slightly different pose.  

    4.     a.       Here I added in hair, flowing to the side a little and curving to match the curve of the pillow. I thought this looked more natural, because while sleeping hair sometimes fans across the pillow instead of going straight down. I also added features based on the angle of the head as seen in the reference picture.

            b.      I also added breasts and a shirt outline. Though these were not in the reference I positioned them based on the position of the ribcage- approx. half way down and tilted to the side. Also, considering how gravity works of *cough* soft tissue, they are leaning more downwards.

    5.       This step I debated doing, because I didn’t know the level of realism you were thinking of, but I took the basic shape and cartoon-ised it.

            a.       For the face I pretty much just exaggerated the features already there, making sure to keep the same angles etc.

            b.      The torso I actually shrunk a wee bit because cartoons tend to have a bigger head to body ratio than actual anatomy does. I also narrowed the distance between waist and hips because I thought it looked better, but that’s purely personal preference.

            c.       I also added a (un-detailed) foot. It looks a little small, because in keeping with the perspective of the reference, though there was no foot, it looked like it was moving backwards, away from the viewer, so it would look smaller (just like the arms look bigger)

    6.       Here’s just the sketch without all the lines underneath!

    7.       Onto the doggie! I’m not great at dogs, so this was a lot of tracing the basic shapes/angles from the reference photo too, but keeping it simple and cartoonish- easy to edit and work in your own style.

            a.       I just put a note here because the head&shoulder area I used was reference from one picture you mentioned and the body was from another. So basically its Frankenstein’s monster. If I were Frankenstein…

    8.       Here’s just putting the two together, changing the size and angle of the dog and fitting it in with the girl.

    9.       Annndd the necessary lines were erased

Voila!! I really hope this was helpful, and thought I’m not the greatest at explaining things I hope it all makes sense J If you have annnyy questions feel free to ask!! Happpy art-ing!

secretsnowdragon9999 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014   General Artist
Thanks for redlining this for me! All the advice and tips I'll take into when I start finishing this artwork. :D
GlassSpiderweb Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2014
Yayy!! Good, it was my first redline and i didn't know if it would be helpful or nott, so this is really nice to hear :)) And if you ever want me to redline something else or know someone who  needs it, feel free to message :)
secretsnowdragon9999 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014   General Artist
No problem! :D
Okay will do. :)
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